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Hornady Bullettube 45 Auto (3)


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Hornady BULLETTUBE 45 AUTOTurn any progressive press into an “ammunition factory” with the easy to use Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™.Coupled with a Hornady® Bullet Feeder die (sold separately), Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™ provide hand loaders a fast, flexible system that increases loading speed on any compatible progressive reloading press with 7/8-14 thread die-stations.With the Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™, the hand loader can simply pre-load the tubes with bullets and place the tube in the top of their bullet feeder die. Tubes can fit 40+ bullets depending on caliber and weight and feature a milled window for visual bullet level inspection.Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™ are sold in packs of 3 tubes per caliber. Available for 9mm, 40cal/10mm & 45cal. FEATURES INCLUDE:Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tube™ feed bullets into existing Hornady® bullet feeder diesTubes come in 3-packs and each can fit 40+ bullets depending on caliber and weightEliminates the need for a bullet feeder hopperMilled window in tube shows when it is almost emptySuitable for any progressive press with 7/8-14 thread die-stationsAvailable in 9mm, 40cal/10mm & 45calINSTRUCTIONS:Hornady bullet feeder tubes only work with Hornady Pistol Bullet Feeder Dies. Match the correct tube with the caliber of die you are reloading. Ensure there is a cotter pin in the tube, then fill the tube with bullets pointed away from the pin. Once full, insert the pin end of the tube into the adjustment screw at the top of the bullet feeder die. Pull the pin to release the bullet and push down on the tube to seat it completely into the die.